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                                                 "The Good Samaritan"

                                            Sunday, July 14 at 8:00am and 10:00 am

You have all probably heard the phrase “good Samaritan,” usually in reference to a person who unselfishly helps others, especially strangers. Many people identify the phrase with the parable Jesus tells in this week’s gospel. A Judean man traveling on the Jericho road is attacked by thieves, robbed and left for dead. While other travelers, including a Judean priest and a Judean Levite, avoid the injured man, a Samaritan tends his wounds, conveys him to the nearest inn and arranges for his care (Luke 10:25-37). 

Interestingly, Jesus never calls the Samaritan “good.” So why do we call him good? Does that mean the priest and the Levite are bad? What about the thieves? Are they even badder? What can we say about the man who was attacked? I wonder if he knew that his rescuer as a Samaritan? Would the innkeeper have told him? How would he have felt about being rescued and cared for by one of “those” people? How would he feel about his religion, when a priest and a Levite left him dying by the roadside? 

Pastor Ritva

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We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), located in  the Southeastern Iowa Synod

At St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, we recognize the need to proclaim openly that the gospel is God’s gift to all people to be shared unconditionally. 

As a community aspiring to a be a spiritual home for all God’s people, we welcome all persons, without exception, without regard for age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, financial or family status, physical or mental abilities, or any other human distinction used to discriminate and exclude. 

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church (ELCA) is a Reconciling in Christ congregation that welcomes diversity, which enriches, nurtures and challenges our life and ministry. Come and join us as we know, live, and share Christ together in love. 

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